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Q. May I use your images to decorate my personal web site, to make stationary, or other graphic use?

A. I allow use of my work on non-commercial websites with the condition that each image is properly credited with the correct title and my name or banner linked back to my site. If you can meet these conditions then you may use my work in the manner you requested.

For use of my work in any commercial enterprise, I must charge a licensing fee in an amount commensurate with the usage.


Q. May I use your images for a commercial endeavor?

A. Then I require a fee with the amount depending on the nature of the usage. My minimum one-time usage for web page decoration is $50 per image. For multiple use or resale (such as in sets), the fee is $100 per image or a 20% royalty. Also, credit and link as mentioned above will still apply. Of course, this depends on the honor system - which has so far worked surprisingly well. Please e-mail your inquiry.


Q. What sizes are your originals?

A. They vary in size from 3 x 5 to 44 x 66 inches. See the individual painting descriptions through the gallery pages.


Q. What medium do you work in?

A. The media used most often, as you will see, is acrylics, finished with a coat of varnish to protect and enhance the colors. Some pieces are created with mixed media, using a combination of many different types of materials. Each canvas has painted borders so that a frame won’t be necessary. See the individual painting descriptions through the gallery pages. 


Q. How can I buy your paintings?

A. Please visit the "Online Purchase" page.


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